How much does a video cost?

Although it would be nice to have a set cost for videos, there are so many variables and every job is unique that we provide quotes on request. You can send us a message via our contact form or call us with any ideas you have and we can give you a rough idea of cost.

When providing you with a quote we normally give you options for different levels of production so you can fit the video to your budget. Alternatively if you have a budget in mind we are happy to tell you what’s possible to fit with your budget.


Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes as standard we are covered up to £1 million per team member. This can be extended per job if the set up is particularly large or hazardous, or if the location requires further insurance.


How far do you travel for shoots?

As far as we need… We are happy to travel anywhere in the UK or abroad for filming.


We have some footage that needs editing, do you edit pre-recorded footage?

Yes, we are more than happy to edit footage you already have. We normally ask to see the footage before agreeing to the project so we know what footage we would be working with.


Can you supply music for my video?

Yes, we have access to extensive music licensing databases so we can choose the perfect soundtrack to your video. The price for licenses varies according to the size of the company and usage.


I’ve never been in front of the camera, should I be nervous?

Absolutely not! We like to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere and bring out the best in everyone involved on the shoot. By the end of the shoot you’ll feel like a pro and there's always the editing process to smooth things out…


How does the video process work?

We often get asked about how it all works so we've dedicated a whole page to show all the steps involved, which you can see here!